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  1. God Bless SpayGa for helping our furry friends!

    About 6 years ago, a stray dog wandered out of the woods and right into my path. I already had one dog and could not afford another one…or so I thought. Rhett Butler, aka Butler aka Little Man was starved, limping and covered in ticks with a big cherry eye on one of his eyes. He had over 50 ticks on him (I stopped counting at 50). It broke my heart. I immediately washed and fed him. Within a very short time Butler was not limping. I think the limping might have come from malnourishment and ticks.

    I knew that I needed to find him a home, but also knew that it would be easier if he was neutered. And neutering a stray dog was simply not in my budget. I started calling vets and someone suggested SpayGa could help. Thank goodness for that someone. It went incredibly smooth and SpayGa responded quickly. Butler was a neutered man and while he was being neutered, I paid extra to remove the cherry eye.

    Now, he was not only neutered, he was HANDSOME !! He stayed very skiddish for a long time and I decided no one could care for him like I could…It is 6 years later now and I simply can not imagine life without Butler…

  2. Hi

    My name is Janet and I would like to share with you what SpayGeorgia , The Dorris Day Animal League & Dr. Loral Sayre did for my family. I took my Golden Retriever in to see Dr. Sayre for her rabies shot. I asked her to feel a lump she had in her left front nipple. Mitzi is a 9 yr old Golden Retriever and up until 2010 she had never had pups. Dr. Sayre, ( knowing our financial situation ) felt the lump and then proceeded to tell me about SpayGeorgia. She told me to call these people and explain the urgency of Mitzi’s problem. She said if I can get a certificate, while Mitzi is asleep for spaying, she would donate her services & remove the lump free of charge. I could not believe this. I felt so blessed to have such a caring vet. She proved to me even though she had just recently started this clinic in 2010, her first priority is a healthy pet.
    I went home that day and called as she instructed. That afternoon, a lady called me back telling me she had already sent the certificate free of charge. That part of this spaying & operation was also sponsored by The DorisDay animal League. They sent me one for Mitzi and one for my 6yr old malti-poo. Dr. Sayre did the surgery and now they are on the road to recovery. I can not tell you how much this means to me. These dogs mean everything to me & my family. As far as Dr. Loral Sayre, I want to Thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping Mitzi. I feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful vet.

    Thank You SpayGeorgia , Dr.Sayre & Doris Day Animal League


    Janet Michael
    Mitzi & Harley

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