Using Your Certificate

Please observe the following guidelines when using your certificate(s).

  • Make an appointment for spaying or neutering only with a veterinarian who is on the list that is included with your certificate(s).
  • When you call for your appointment, ask what vaccinations the clinic requires in order to perform the surgery. If your pet is not current on these vaccinations, find out how much the clinic charges for these vaccinations.
  • When you arrive at the vet clinic for your appointment, present the spay/neuter certificate to the receptionist, as well as proof that your pet is current on any required vaccinations (if applicable).
  • Certificates become void six months after the date of issue.
  • Veterinarians may decline to provide services to a pet due to its medical condition.
  • Veterinary clinics may assess an additional fee to spay a pet if she is pregnant or in heat. They may also assess a fee for large dogs. You are responsible for paying these fees, if applicable.
  • SpayGeorgia’s certificates cannot be combined with any other spay/neuter certificates, coupons, or discounts.

Please call (770) 662-4479 if you have other questions about our certificates.

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