Why Spay or Neuter?

  • To end pet overpopulation
    About 70,000 cats and kittens are born daily in the U.S.
    Approximately 60% are killed in shelters.
    Here at home, an average of 166 healthy pets are killed each day in Metro Atlanta shelters.
    By spaying and neutering your pets, you can help reduce the need for more animal shelters – there by saving tax dollars.
  • To improve your pet’s health
    Neutering a male cat or dog by six months of age prevents testicular cancer, prostate disease, and hernias.
    Spaying a female cat or dog prevents pyometra (an infected uterus) and breast cancer. Having this done before the first heat offers the best protection from these diseases.
    Breast cancer is fatal in about 50% of female dogs and 90% of female cats.
    With an older, seriously ill animal, anesthesia and surgery are complicated and costly.
  • To improve your pet’s behavior
    In female cats and dogs, spaying eliminates “heat” periods, which include bloody discharges in dogs, and frantic pacing and wailing in both dogs and cats.
    Neutering male dogs and cats usually stops them from spraying foul-smelling urine, stops embarrassing mounting behavior, reduces their aggressiveness, and reduces their desire to roam far and wide in search of a mate.
  • To reduce expenses
    Owners of unneutered male cats and dogs often incur large veterinary bills as a result of fighting with other animals or getting hit by a car as they search for a mate.
    Owners of unspayed female cats and dogs must care for mothers who have difficult pregnancies and should start the kittens’ or puppies’ shots.
    In many locations, owners of spayed or neutered cats and dogs receive a discount on local licensing fees.
  • To improve the community
    Homeless animals eliminate in neighborhood yards, pass diseases, spread fleas and flea eggs, fight and mate loudly in the middle of the night, turn over trash cans, and otherwise disrupt quiet, community life.
    Tax dollars are needlessly spent on euthanasia and other controls intended to eliminate these problems.

What can I do to help?

  • SpayGeorgia depends entirely on membership fees, donations, and fundraising events to support our programs.
  • We do not receive monies from any group or government agency.
  • Membership is only $25 per year and is tax-deductible.
  • Members receive our quarterly newsletter and mailings about special events.

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To obtain a certificate:

  • Please email us at spay@spaygeorgia.org  or use the form below.
  • We will email the information packet containing our guidelines, certificate prices, participating vets, and an order form to you.
  • If you do not have email, please call us at 770-662-4479 and leave your name and address and we will send the packet to you via U.S. Mail.
  • You will receive an order form and a list of participating veterinary clinics in the mail.
  • Complete the order form and return it to SpayGeorgia along with your payment.
  • You will receive your low-cost certificate, which you can redeem at any participating veterinary clinic.

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